Shared Rural Network
We work with a range of stakeholders across the UK. Their support is vital to delivering the benefits of 4G to rural communities and businesses.

“The Shared Rural Network is a positive development for our members, the tech industry and the UK as a whole. Access to 4G will transform the way in which rural communities access information, work and learn remotely, use online services, and stay connected with friends and family. Digital technology plays a pivotal role in so many aspects of our lives, whether social, economic, or environmental, and it’s encouraging to see the Shared Rural Network helping close the digital divide between urban and rural areas.”

Julian David, CEO, techUK

“The Scottish Government’s £28.75 million 4G Infill programme (S4GI) and the Shared Rural Network are helping further Scotland’s first class digital infrastructure. “Digital connectivity is key to Scotland and the UK’s economic and social recovery from the pandemic; our S4GI programme is a blueprint for other government interventions. We are working closely with the Shared Rural Network and mobile operators to share knowledge and best practice so more people across Scotland can enjoy better access to mobile services. Continued investment in mobile infrastructure, whether by the Scottish Government or through commercial build, will help keep people safe and protect livelihoods. It offers local communities and businesses a fundamental opportunity to rebuild and prosper.”

Kate Forbes MSP and Former Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary for Finance & the Economy 

“There are some real synergies between the Shared Rural Network programme and Infralink – efficient deployment to ensure value for money, the sharing of data and information to help iron out any potential challenges, and upfront engagement between MNOs and local authorities. The importance of the latter cannot be underestimated. The collaborative approach taken for SRN is one that will make the difference in terms of Scotland getting the most from SRN and improved mobile connectivity.”

Sarah Eynon, Infralink Programme lead, Associate Director at Scottish Futures Trust

“There are now high expectations from residents, businesses and visitors about mobile connectivity – even in a mountainous National Park! Whilst mobile connectivity has improved in recent years, there are significant “not spots” where mobile coverage does not exist or signal “drops out” occur. The Shared Rural Network programme will certainly help us meet these expectations and address the not spots. There are of course sensitivities about the potential need for new masts in sensitive landscapes and will work carefully with SRN to address these challenges and get the best outcome for the Park.”

Murray Ferguson, Director of Planning & Place, Cairngorms National Park

“The world-leading Shared Rural Network brokered by Ministers and the industry will improve the lives of millions of people in rural parts of Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland, giving them the connections they need to work, access services and keep in touch – both at home and on the go. This £1bn scheme is a major part of the Government’s plan to level up all parts of the UK and will bring economic and social benefits for people no matter where they live.”

Paul Norris, Senior Responsible Officer, Building Digital UK