Shared Rural Network

PNS Progress

The Partial Not Spot (PNS) element of the programme is funded and delivered by the mobile operators. You can find the latest updates on the News page.

TNS Progress

On the publicly funded element of the programme, which involves providing coverage in the total-not-spots (TNS), the programme achieved a major milestone in the summer which saw the first TNS planning applications submitted. We will provide a rolling update of how many validated applications are in the planning system below. Many mast locations are still to be finalised before they can progress to the planning stage.

The past few months have seen survey teams from all four operators and their suppliers heading out on site to carry out on Kick Off Visits (KOVs) and Multi Skilled Visits (MSVs) to make final site assessments. Through these vital site visits we now expect to need fewer masts than originally planned, whilst still delivering the necessary coverage targets.

Number of TNS sites in
planning / acquisition phase
Number of TNS sites in
build phase
Number of TNS sites

EAS Progress

As part of the Shared Rural Network programme, UK Government funding is being made available to the Home Office and mobile network operators (MNOs) to upgrade Extended Area Service (EAS) masts being built as part of the Emergency Services Network (ESN) to make them usable by the four MNOs to offer commercial connectivity as well as emergency services coverage. However, in some cases it may not be possible to due to technical, financial or other reasons, such as planning.

Number of EAS sites in or completed the acquisition /design phase
Number of EAS sites in or completed build upgrade phase
Number of EAS sites live