Shared Rural Network

Building a Mobile Network

It takes a lot of planning to create a mobile network, often using complex processes and terminology. We have created several factsheets which help explain some of the more technical aspects, including how a mast location is chosen, through to the different parts of the mast. We will be adding to these fact sheets as the programme progresses:

Location Selection
Fact Sheet
Mast Build Journey
Fact Sheet
Mast Parts
Fact Sheet
Programme Structure
Fact Sheet
Mast Planning Permission
Fact Sheet
The SRN in Scotland

Benefits of 4G and the Shared Rural Network

The benefits of reliable 4G mobile connectivity are far reaching and have positive impacts on many aspects of day-to-day life. There are many personal and commercial benefits, as well as positive impacts on healthcare, education, tourism, remote working, and accessing online services, to name a few. The Shared Rural Network will help those who live and work in rural communities to achieve their full potential through improved mobile connectivity.

We have created some helpful information sheets that provide an overview of the programme and the benefits of 4G connectivity. Click on the links below to learn more about how the Shared Rural Network will make a difference to those living and working in rural communities across the UK:

People &
Health &
Sustainability &
the Environment

For information about how the SRN relates to wider industry issues, please visit the trade association, Mobile UK.