Shared Rural Network

Royal Welsh Agricultural Show attendees hear about the Shared Rural Network

20 July 2022: New Programme Director Bryn Jones took to the stage yesterday at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show to discuss the Shared Rural Network (SRN) and how the programme will help deliver increased mobile coverage to rural communities across Wales.

The event, hosted by Ofcom in partnership with the Farmers’ Union of Wales, looked at mobile coverage in Wales and what is being done to improve connectivity. Speaking alongside fellow industry experts, Bryn explained more about the programme, discussing the benefits of improved 4G coverage and impacts it can have on those living and working in rural areas.

Wales is set to benefit from the SRN through an increase in coverage from all four operators, rising to 80% up from 60%, and improved coverage from at least one, but not all operators rising to 95% from 90% – collectively offering more choice and competition for people and businesses in rural areas.

You can read more about specific regional breakdowns in Wales and other parts of the UK here

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