Shared Rural Network

Royal Highland Show attendees hear about the Shared Rural Network

28 June 2023: The Shared Rural Network (SRN) team were at the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh last week, the biggest event of its kind in Scotland, showcasing the best of farming, food and rural life.

Taking a stand within the UK Government’s marquee, which included other programmes and projects invested in by the Government, our staff were on hand to talk about how the SRN will help deliver increased mobile coverage to rural communities across Scotland.

The event was a great opportunity to discuss the programme with a wide range of stakeholders, including individuals, land owners, agents, politicians, and business owners. Conversations were focused around what improvements will be seen in different parts of Scotland, how the programme is structured, and the benefits rural communities will see through increased 4G coverage. Additionally, we helped answer a range of technical questions including how mobile phone networks and masts operate, and how users can find out which network offers the best coverage in their area.

You can read more about specific regional breakdowns in Scotland and other parts of the UK here

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